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Effectively Engaging and Treating Individuals with Opioid Use Disorders - Day 1 - Shared screen with speaker view
Ive Vintimilla
Good afternoon everyone, make sure to share your comments and questions using the chat feature
Marion Putman
Does that mean all organizations need a data-waived provider, or all med providers in an organization who could get a waiver need to do so?
Irene Cauwels
Ive Vintimilla
We are gathering the questions and will address either directly today if time permits or after the summit
Beth Yegelwel
Yes, or even send the recording as there was a lot of important information shared quickly
Ive Vintimilla
Yes, the presentations will be posted within 7 days and the recordings will all be available within 30 days after the meeting at our summit webpage https://www.fadaa.org/page/OpioidSummits
Beth Yegelwel
Thank you!
FADAA Staff: Stephanie
Up to 3.0 Continuing Education Units/Contact Hours are approved for each of the Summit’s days for individuals meeting the attendance requirements for the following:· Florida Certification Board Recognized Education Provider #A-001· Florida Board of Social Work, Marriage and Family Therapy and Mental Health Counseling Provider #50-676· Florida Board of Nursing Provider #50-676· Florida Board of Psychology #50-62In order to receive CEUs you must complete the survey at the end of each day and actively logged into each days presentations.
Daniel Oria
What time frame is this covering?
Jon Essenburg
Question for Alex Parodi -- Can you clarify about outcomes for individuals who abruptly leave treatment and are unable to be contacted? Will that always negatively impact the % GPRA outcome?
Daniel Oria
Is this FY1920?
David Braughton
I have same question as David. So many clients drop out and disappear. We are not able to contact them or they refuse to be contacted.
Ive Vintimilla
Responses to earlier questions:
Ive Vintimilla
Does that mean all organizations need a data-waived provider, or all med providers in an organization who could get a waiver need to do so?Those who have an eligible practitioner must have a Data Waiver.Is there a grace period?The SAMHSA Notice of Award does not provide a grace period.
David Braughton
We are seeing more folks with AUD whose lab results don't allow them to receive Vivitrol Are other programs experiencing the same trend.
Marion Putman
Sorry, still not sure of the data waiver parameters. We have 2 providers at our agency with the waiver. Do all the other MDs or APRNs need to get it, or do the providers we have with the waiver meet the requirement?
Natalia Novitski
CWIST Opioid Clinician Novitski :
Daniel Oria
Was that a law that passed in Missouri requiring Recovery Residences to be medication friendly?
Ive Vintimilla
Response to earlier question for Alex Parodi:Can you clarify about outcomes for individuals who abruptly leave treatment and are unable to be contacted? Will that always negatively impact the % GPRA outcome?The clients that leave treatment early would negatively affect the Compliance rate.What is the period of the data?the data is from 9/29/18 through 7/31/20.
Edith Caballero
I have a question regarding clients who have private insurance and is it the same criteria if let's say they are in a state funded (non-insured) program?
Cindy Sterne
Nothing About Us Without Us
Ginny LaRue
Nothing about us without us! Those in recovery should always have a place at the table!
Barbara Albuquerque
I’ve struggles
Barbara Albuquerque
As an ER peer specialist I struggled with not being able to help patients that just wanted medicine because they had jobs. they were still somewhat functioning and not yet lost their job, home, and family! the culture is changing a little but not enough or consistently.
Ginny LaRue
Great comment form the physician - thank you!
Candy Hodgkins
So what do you do with those folks that can't work/won't work and never can afford the cost of meds?
Marion Putman
Can't work - SOAR to explore SSI/SSDI. Won't and can is a different issue. I'd explore CM and therapy angles there.
Candy Hodgkins
oh we have explored all manners of how to better engage with those that don't...we do use SOAR for those that can't. thanks so much!
Ive Vintimilla
• How would you have to adjust your patient engagement practices to implement a Medication First practice?• What changes to your waiting room, intake, appointment schedule, access to medical staff, etc. would need to be adjusted to move to a Medication First practice?• How could you better utilize the peer workforce to assist in moving to a Medication First practice?
Beth Yegelwel
Here in Miami, tracking down clients who are discharged or self-discharge early is practically impossible :( lots of SOR clients we’ve served barely have one emergency contact number, and when they leave us, they lose their phones or change their numbers. That’s been a huge challenge and unfortunately negatively impacts our GPRA follow ups :(
Faith Gamblain
A lot of clients here in Daytona barely have regular contact phone numbers. A lot of them use apps.
Edith Caballero
Yes, I am in Miami too and I hear you Beth.
Edith Caballero
It's difficult to continue with follow-up care.
Marion Putman
And many who drop out don't want to be found until they are ready (if that day comes).
Beth Yegelwel
Marion Putman
On the bright side, even when I have them drop out, I'm seeing many re-engage 3 or 6 months later. Doesn't always help with GPRAs, but it's a bright spot for treatment.
Beth Yegelwel
That’s awesome, Marion, unfortunately I have not had any clients re-engage yet
Marion Putman
It helps that I'm in a much smaller county (Charlotte) -- it limits their options, in many ways.
Barbara Albuquerque
Ryan Essex said that creative questioning has helped them. when they come in we have to find out where they hang out at.
Beth Yegelwel
Yes, and that would be great, but lots of clients don’t want to “snitch” or “rat out” the people they hang out with on the streets. I even had one client who insisted he had no emergency contact to list, and since our agency requires at least one person, he gave me the name and number for an uncle who was deceased (insert hand over face emoji)
Marion Putman
I agree -- being that invasive with inherent paranoia (for many), is a treatment barrier.
Ciara Jenkins
Hi, where will we find the survey to receive CE credit?
Barbara Albuquerque
I understand. but I’m sure Ryan has strategic techniques for outreach. I wouldn’t be scared to go find them.
David Braughton
can't hear you
FADAA Staff: Marc Anthony Weeks
Ciara Jenkins
Melanie, I think you're on mute
Ciara Jenkins
Thanks everyone!
FADAA Staff-Corina
Survey will go out at 4:00pm to your email! Thank you!
Lisa Woolston
Are sides available?